Music and Drama are incredibly powerful methods for expressing emotion, whether those emotions be personal or the emotions experienced by a character. As an actor, my greatest pleasure is telling a story and allowing the audience to see their own fears, struggles, sacrifice, courage and triumph reflected in the character I am portraying. When I am able to combine both Music and Drama in that storytelling...I feel I am truly home!

Jeremy Cain

As a singer who combines a warm, lyric tone with a soaring tenor range, I have been described as having "one of those voices that spins golden sounds" with "very free production that results in sparkling overtones and harmonics."

Whether I am stepping onto the stage or into frame, my commanding physical presence captures the attention of my audience and affords me the ability to carry lead roles with ease. I completely immerse myself into the character, making sure that each word, facial expression and movement conveys the state of that individual in that moment. However, don't take my word for it. Hire me and see for yourself. I will not disappoint!